Gel nails are a perfect solution for all the ladies who want to have a flawless and impeccable manicure: classic single-colored or multicolored and trendy. Gel nails are a true fashion hit because they last up to 5 weeks.

In our beauty salon we use different techniques of gel nails and for that we use top quality products. We offer you a gelation of natural finger and toenails and extensions according to the latest beauty trends in various shapes. You can also touch up your nails with a unique nail art and new trends such as: chrome effect (mirror effect and glittery look), elegant cat eyes effect, hologram effect, and nail paintings for various occasions and much more.


    We offer only the best to our clients and that is why we use the best Gelish products for permanent nail polishing. This thin coating of nail polish gives your nails perfectly natural look. It is applied like any other nail polish but its resistance has features of a gel. Permanent nail polish is a revolutionary novelty; it is resistant and suitable for those, who want their nail polish to last up to 4 weeks.

    It contains keratin that makes your nails solid and nourished. It also stimulates their growth. Gelish is world’s number one product in nail industry – the best, highest quality nail polish among huge competition of the Soak Off systems.

    MAC (Make-up Art Cosmetics)

    We use a professional decorative cosmetics MAC because we want to highlight your natural beauty and freedom to express your individuality and shiny personality.

    MAC is one of the best and most recognizable make-up brands for a professional make-up that together with top make-up artists and celebrities create new beauty trends. Make-up Art Cosmetics (MAC) was founded in Canada, in the kitchen of photographer Frank Toskan and the owner of the salon Frank Angelo. They started making products due to a lack of appropriate makeup for a fashion photography.

    We use wide and varied range of lipsticks, eye-shadows, cheek blushes, pencil eyeliners, powders and many more. One of the most popular products is intensely red matte lipstick, also worn by Madonna. This line of lipsticks is also available in our salon MD and we gladly make your lips look fuller with it.


    Eyebrow shaping is a beauty process that requires extreme precision, a sense of aesthetics and a steady hand. Already a slight change in their form can significantly change the appearance of the face. We can shape, cut and adjust your eyebrows to your face.


    Eyelash tinting is a common and completely painless procedure. It tints your lashes and gives your eyes better look. The process is suitable especially for people with lighter eyelashes because the coloring makes your eyes look bigger. The effect of tinting lasts up to one month.


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