If you want a new hairstyle, tame your curls, change traditional hair to something more exotic, pamper yourself or something you have wanted for a long time, then our beauty salon is the right place for you.

We would like you to join us on a new way of trendy hairstyling experience because we do not follow the trends but we create them together with professional stylists. Enter our world and we will show and present you new trends, the best products, and our stylists will offer you a treatment of your hair and scalp. If you would like to enjoy a scalp massage in a massage chair, get a simple haircut or choose the right shade for your hair and relax while we take care of your makeover, then our beauty salon is the right place for you. We are going to take you into our world of beauty in a professional way because you are important to us.
In our hairdresser’s part we offer you the analysis of your scalp with Trico cam which makes a diagnosis and recommends the right care for your hair.

We offer deep care such as:

  • nourishing balance for dry hair
  • tameness of tangled and unruly hair
  • protection for thin hair and maintenance of the glossy colored hair
  • the fullness of thin and sensitive hair
  • improvement of weak and damaged hair
  • prevention of hair loss
  • removal of excessive greasiness and dandruff

We identify the source of the problem and we help you to choose the right care for the removal of it. Our care treatments and dyeing colors contain exceptional and nourishing ingredients.

You can lighten your hair with LUNEX SYSTEM that contains ingredients such as soothing chamomile and keratin. Both ensure the existence of the structure and protection of hair during the process. Creamy structure helps you to apply the color evenly with fast effect and above all it doesn’t leave yellow or orange shades.


This nourishing beauty hair dyeing system is very safe and gentle to your scalp and hair. It contains intense long-lasting shades of hair color. Soft mixture at the base of yogurt with the calendula and flax (that are produced with help of certified organic farming) is a great treatment that leaves your hair a beneficial effect.


This exclusive technology is based on natural organic ingredients and helps you achieve maximum results with an extremely gentle effect. Rinses YO GREEN nourish and protect your hair structure. Yogurt essence gives protection to hair fiber, mallow essence calms and softens your hair and essence of honey moisturizes, nourishes and protects it.


This nourishing color conditioner keeps your hair nourished and dyes it directly. Thanks to its active substances hair get shiny glow. These substances provide your hair all the necessary nourishment and color protection. This excellent product livens up the color with every washing and removes yellow shades. Yogurt essence protects hair fibre, bamboo essence keeps your hair moisturized and wheat proteins improve your hair structure.

Nourishing color conditioner is available for home care of your dyed hair, also in our beauty salon.


Cosmetic bleach cream gradually lightens your hair up to 7 color shades. It is also suitable for decoloring and lightening. This is a nourishing lightening system. The essence of chamomile softens and protects your hair and scalp, while hydrolyzed keratin provides even color on your hair. It is also suitable for natural and dyed hair.

The product helps you lighten your hair without leaving yellow or copper shades.


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